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Green methanol production is an emerging investment opportunity with significant growth potential particularly within the global shipping market.

DNV – Methanol as fuel heads for the mainstream in shipping. 
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Maersk orders six methanol powered vessels. 
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Melbourne joins Maersk and CMA CGM in green methanol initiative. (The Loadstar)
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LNG Proponent CMA CGM Orders Six Methanol-Fueled Boxships. (
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Riviera - News Content Hub - COSCO: US$3Bn new build deal for 12 methanol-fuelled box ships. (
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Port of Melbourne working to fuel ships with Tasmanian, Victorian green methanol. (
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The Bell Bay Powerfuels project will be the first of a number of investments by ABEL Energy into green methanol production. 

Opportunities to co-invest both in our manufacturing assets or ABEL Energy will arise over coming months.

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