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Embracing next generation of renewable energy production for Tasmania.

Bell Bay Powerfuels is the flagship project of ABEL Energy and is set to lead Australia in the production of green methanol and hydrogen 

The plant will combine green hydrogen from a 240MW water electrolysis plant with synthesis gas from a biomass gasifier to produce green methanol. The production process will use 100% renewable power from hydro and new wind production assets, fresh water from major river systems and biomass residues recovered from existing Tasmanian plantation forestry operations.

Green methanol production is clean with virtually zero fossil fuel GHG emissions. Methanol is biodegradable and easy to handle as a clear liquid for use as a fuel or chemical feedstock.

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Powered by Tasmania

Located at the bottom of Australia in the roaring 40s wind latitudes, this wild island offers abundant renewable energy resources. 

Tasmania started its renewable energy journey over a century ago with the first hydroelectric power schemes and already now enjoys almost 100% renewable power. Building on strong foundations, Tasmania has the ambition grow into harnessing the power of our winds and double renewable power generation capacity by 2040.

Tasmania is rich in natural resources. Wind blows relentlessly across the state and forestry is one of our largest industries. However these resources are underutilised today. Some of Tasmania’s valuable biomass residues has significant potential with some material either burnt, sent to landfill or left in the forest. Our project offers forestry companies significant opportunity to value add and create new revenue.

The Bell Bay green methanol production site will increase Tasmania’s local value creation by capturing currently underutilised natural resources and producing a highly valuable next generation renewable product and key enabler to industrial energy transition.

Green methanol;
the next wave of energy transition

Green methanol has an important role to play in the energy transition. Chemically identical to conventional methanol, green methanol is a fossil free and net zero molecule that can be used as a sustainable chemical feedstock to make thousands of other sustainable products or as a sustainable liquid fuel and alternative to fossil fuels for sectors that cannot electrify such as long haul shipping or aviation.

Green methanol  
production process

Green methanol is produced combining green hydrogen from water electrolysis using renewable power with synthesis gas from biomass gasification. The hydrogen and synthesis gases are passed into a reactor with a catalyst, triggering a reaction resulting in the production of liquid methanol.


Bell Bay Project Proposed Timeline


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Final investment decision
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Plant construction
Methanol plant commissioning